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Prayer for World Aids Day 2015


December 1, 2015

We come to you,

With all that is on our minds about the virus, our hopes for a cure, our fears and

worries for the future.

How do we find you?

When we trust that you are with us,

Present in every act of kindness, patience, and generosity of spirit.

And we know you are in each one of us, just waiting for full discovery.

We come to you,

As caregivers whose work is hard.

We’re sometimes grieved and angry with the restrictions on funding,

and the continuous

flow of the newly diagnosed, and the disappointments we hand to

each other.

How do we find you?

In memorable moments of full engagement, when we forget the clock is ticking,

And it is just two people at their most authentic, and you are present.

We find you when we feel called to the work we are doing.

How do we thank you?

When we remember to offer gratitude that we are alive.

When we remember that every moment can be an occasion for thanks.

And then the gratitude we feel becomes a balm

that heals each of our broken places,

because it reminds us that we are one with you.

On this World AIDS Day we give thanks

for all who are in the AIDS affected community

those living and those we hold in memory.


© Chaplain Pat Hoffman



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