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Words for Journey, Words for Justice

I've felt called to write about people I knew who were struggling for justice. This website has some of the feature articles or links to them and books which have been the fruit of that calling.

My newest book, Summoned and Shaped, was published by Wipf and Stock November 2018. This new memoir on ministry offers inspiration and concrete help for reaching out to people marginalized who may feel alienated from the church.

I also have been reflecting on the journey we all are on. I've written and recorded a prayer collection, "Prayers from the Heart." The audio is downloadable. I'm preparing to add prayers for certain seasons and occasions. A few can be found in the Blog.

Here's what some people have said about my writing:

"However else my good friend Pat may pray, I know that her primary prayer with people with AIDS is simple presence. Pat is a disciple alert to human need, refusing to abandon those agonizing in their own Gethsemanes. In being so, she has discerned God's will for her own life. Day by day, her journal's simple style reveals profound spiritual insight for our lives, too. Hers is a spirituality that goes beyond mere religion." Rev. Chris Glaser, author, Coming Out to God and 19 other books

"Hoffman shows us in a very convincing way that simply being present to people who face death can be our greatest gift to them." Henri Nouwen, author and teacher of spirituality

"This book is not one of those run-of-the-mill, feel-good, bedside-music kind of books for soft hearts. You will come to know these men. You might weep for them. You may even find yourself missing one or two of them. But most of all, thanks to Patricia Hoffman's personal honesty, you will come to know yourself in ways that you never dreamed you would." Joan D. Chisttister, O.S.B., Executive Director of Benetvision

"All those who are concerned about the relationship of the churches to issues of social justice will find help from this story, which has the merit of specificity rather than generalization." Robert McAfee Brown, Emeritus Professor of Theology and Ethics, Pacific School of Religion

"Pat Hoffman has done a remarkable job of telling the story of the Church's involvement with the farm workers' union. Even more importantly, she has demonstrated through the experiences of individuals, how participation in the UFW struggle challenged people's values and priorities, shaped their understanding of social change and led them in directions that truly changed their lives. Cesar Chavez, President, United Farm Workers

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