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Morning Prayer

I give thanks for this new morning. It is a gift from You. May I know my reliance on You, how fragile life can be. May I know today when I am anxious and accept those feelings. Take my anxiety into Your heart, compassionate God, and use it for Your loving purposes. May I know when I am worried and accept those feelings. Take my worries into Your hands and help me carry them. May I know when I need support and guide me to seek it. May I know my limits and know You will be there at the limits to take the load off my shoulders. Thanks be to You, O God.

Evening Prayer

The day of work is ended. The night is come. Hold me safe through this night. By Your grace may I be confident of Your presence in me and around me, in this place, and with those dear to me. Bring me the gift of slumber that I might be prepared to serve You another day.

Pat Hoffman Copyright © 1995

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